Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Note on the Change

For both of my regular readers, you may notice that I changed my "pen name" to my initials. Yes, I did. Maybe I'm just getting bolder about this blogging thing. I decided that using a fictitious name was no longer necessary, but I'm still not ready to reveal my Whole Self to the cyberpublic, and this intital thing is something I've seen zillions of bloggers do (I've also seen first name only--maybe that's my next step).

Anyway, I feel like I'm coming out of my shell a bit blogger-wise. So, hi! There really is no Emma Shannon (well, OK, there probably IS an Emma Shannon, but I'm not her. Or them, since I'm sure there's more than one in the world). For now, I can be known by my real initials (really!), TD.

I got a free frozen panini on the ferry this morning, and have some comments to make on it, so that'll probably be the next entry I do--in the next day or so.

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