Wednesday, October 03, 2007

They're Putting in the KITCHEN!

I had to post this because I found out this afternoon that, as we speak (or type, whatever), they are installing the kitchen cabinets in my new house! Appliances are expected early next week! When they start putting in the kitchen, I start to think of it as a real house!!! Don't have the bathrooms tiled? Oh well. No baseboards, no trim around the doors and windows? Eh. No lockset on the front door? Call it keyless entry. If there's a kitchen, it means I can live in it!
UPDATE: Actually, turns out the appliances won't be delivered until seems they need to call the electricians back in to actually install the plugs. The wires are there, but there are no physical plugs to plug things into, so we need to wait for that. Plus based on how many cabinets we have, they're not all going to be fully installed by next week. It's going to take a little while. But progress is being made!!!!

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