Tuesday, January 09, 2007


My hard drive crashed. Hard. As in "no bootable devices found" hard (bootable? Is that even a word?). As in "replace me now" hard. This means that not only am I using a backup laptop (a work one that--if you can believe it--I'm not the administrator on, so I can't actually add any software to it...so much for Instant Messaging!), but that all the drafts of posts that I had saved on my old hard drive are history. Bye-bye!

I've got paper-and-pen notes of lots of topics, but all the drafts are gone, so I'm starting over from scratch.

In addition to that, I start back to work on the 22nd, and I have quite a bit to do to get ready for that (such as looking up the address of my office, and finding some clothes that aren't sweatpants).

Check back with me now and then--I'll try to put up a couple of posts between now and the 22nd. When I'm back in the groove, I'll put up a post to that effect, and start posting more on the one- to two-times-per-week schedule that I always intended to maintain.

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