Monday, January 22, 2007

Status Update

My hard drive is still dead, and I haven't bought a new one. I'm using my husband's crappy laptop on which the "u" key sticks. You never know how many times you use a letter until the key doesn't work and you have to keep going back to put the letter in where the key failed while you were typing. Argh.

Then, on the day I started back to work from maternity leave, I got laid off.

Bad things happen in threes, don't they? Uh oh.

In answer to the first question everyone asks me about the layoff, yes, they can do that. It was a reduction in force, not a performance-based dismissal. The company laid off 14 people that day. They had over-hired in anticipation of work that then failed to materialize. I fell victim to the "last in-first out" rule of layoffs. I'm not thrilled, naturally, but I'm looking for another job and I have some solid leads. As a result, I hope not to be out of work for much more than another month. According to my husband, I'd better not be.

Thus, although I am not working, I still may not be posting with the frequency which I had hoped. If my husband finds out I'm blogging instead of searching job boards (which he could only do if he reads my blog, which he does not), I'll be in big trouble.

More updates as they become available...

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