Friday, June 20, 2008

Mini Post: Frustration!

I hate when this happens!

The Scene: My house; I am preparing to go to the grocery store. I have my list in my hand.

Me: Oh, I wanted to make that [recipe recently seen]. I had better make sure I have all the ingredients. I will look at the recipe. It was right here in this book.

[picks up book and flips to index, looking for name of recipe]

Me: [baffled] Why, I know it was right here in this book...or, well, maybe it was this one...I was reading it recently, too...

[checks another book lying on table]

Me: Hm, not here either...oh, well maybe it was in this magazine I was reading the other night...

[flips through magazine without success]

Me: Argh! Where was that recipe?!?!?

Google! Get on this--I need to be able to do a keyword search of my brain!!!

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