Monday, June 09, 2008

Mini Post: Lunchtime

Here's something I just don't understand. I'm sitting at my desk, eating my lunch, and someone comes to my door to ask a question. Now, since I am sitting at my desk, I'll concede that I'm fair game for a question, and a quick one is no problem. Since my company has no lunch room, there's no place for me to eat other than my office if I bring my own lunch (which I often do).

But what I don't understand is the person who says, "I can see you're eating but..." and then proceeds to launch into an involved discussion about something work-related (and worse, it's usually something work-related about which I care diddly squat, which accounts for most things work-related). If you can see I'm eating, then why don't you buzz off and let me eat? I have my fork poised above my (rapidly cooling) food, can you not divine that I am most anxious to continue with my meal? And if you failed to notice my fork, do my obviously disinterested nods and falsely bright smile as I say, "Oh really? No kidding," not clue you in that what I'd really like is for you to piss off and let me eat?

I think the worst thing about this situation is that the people who do this are usually repeat offenders. A single instance is forgivable. Multiple instances should be punished by the offender being stoned to death with Triscuits.

Thank you. I just had to get that off my chest.


VCK said...

Hear, hear! I totally agree. The worst is the person who says, "I know my stories are long, but..." Aarrgghh!
The Triscuit thing is an awesome idea.

TD said...

OH! Long, boring stories about work-related drivel! I JUST WANT TO FINISH MY PASTA! Please leave me alone! Maybe I'll start eating lunch with my headset on so people think I'm on a conference call!

Fiddler said...

When I hear stories like this (often), I think about what Dear Abby would have said if she'd been asked. You know she'd suggest being polite but firm while saying something like, "I'd love to chat with you, but right now I'm in the middle of lunch and this is my only chance. How about I come see you when I'm done?"

It's hard to imagine being so "rude", but we've got to! Every time we let somebody invade our lunches, our workspaces, our time---they get the idea that it's OK. Go for it next time, TD!

TD said...


You're absolutely right. Next time I'm just going to have to take the course of "polite rudeness." Or else get over it and resign myself to a lifetime of cold lunches (NOT an option!)... :)