Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Foods I Hate

Tell me blue Go Gurt comes out of pajamas. And the answer to the obvious question is: I didn't give it to her. The little angel next to her gave it to her. Guess I can't fault him for sharing.

No more Go Gurt in my house, ever!

P.S. You'll notice it's Wednesday and I'm still alive. Guess the strawberry jam is OK to eat (well, that one jar, anyway).


Astrid said...

Oh does this shot look familiar!!! But I find blogging about annoying moments with kids magically turns them (the moments) into charming memories.

TD said...

Yeah, I do kind of laugh about it now...that was also the day my older son was dancing with the GoGurt in his hand and splattered it all over the walls...I still have little blue sploches on my pale green wall! *sigh* I'm sure when they all graduate from college I'll look back fondly... :)